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Ninamarie Camarena

Actress/Professional Character and Fashion Model/Artist/Cryptid Researcher/Folklorist

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About Me


Professional Character and Fashion Model

Being a professional character and fashion model currently fulltime is a true calling for me and has been for quite sometime. I enjoy the camera, stage, and the many different outfits although what I most enjoy is the art of entertaining for the audience.


Theatrical Career

I been acting my entire life and got my start on the stage being a dancer. My specialty in dance is interpretative style. I now act in many different shows around Central California.



When I paint I adore listening to new-age instrumental music and painting my thoughts. I am accomplished in all the different artistic medium although the main medium I use are acrylics for painting.

Cryptid Researcher/Folklorist

The Stories of a Mermaid


I define being a folklorist as being a storyteller with credible research backing myself up. I been featured on many radio shows discussing my research with mythology, UFO's, USO's, cryptids, ghosts, faeries, faerie tales, and of course mermaids. The main field of research I am known for is Cryptozoology, mostly water cryptids. You can reach these featured guest spots by going to any of my social media links below.

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